Appreciating those on your team

News 07:11 November 2019:

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Twitter is about finding your voice and you can do so in different ways.  If you like a tweet, please re-tweet or just like it.  It will help create you a totally large number of twitter likes.  Some simple functions like referring to people by their twitter names increases likes.  Everybody loves recognition and expects the same in such a platform; you will be surprised at the large number of likes you will receive.  Always make your interaction meaningful if you want to make an impact.

Appreciate that there is so much you can do on twitter.  You can use it for marketing your brand or just create peace.  Whatever you are creating should be for useful purposes.  Avoid posting content that have no value or making comments that add no value at all to what you do.  If you want to increase your twitter likes, learn to appreciate those who follow you and however humble their comments are, learn to appreciate.  It goes along way to only write when there is something to share if there is one please don’t.