How Instagram Likes Can Get You In Trouble

News 07:11 November 2019:

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Even though your account is set to private, do you know that your friends who follow your account can know what you’re up to through your Instagram likes?

Under notification section, there’s another section to list your and your friends’ activity. This means, both parties can know what are the photos liked and comments made. If you’re viewing photos that you feel you don’t want others to know, then you have to be careful on where you place your Instagram likes because you never know who might be watching your activity.

There have been too many people exposed through their online activity record. You might think that the likes you placed are only known to you. But since your friends can see them too, you don’t want to risk anyone taking a screen shot of your activity and use it against you.

Cyber safety is really important because there’re so many ways for others to track your activity. Knowing the security features as well as any sharing functions are.